Upin & Ipin Playtime

Upin & Ipin Playtime


The funniest pair of 5-year-old identical Malay twins, Upin and Ipin are here!!
Let’s meet them in the variety of activity-books!

■ What kind of activity-books are here?

1. Camera books
2. Puzzle books
3. Coloring books
4. Sticker books
5. Find the Hidden Pictures
6. Find the Differences

■ Who are Upin and Ipin?

Upin & Ipin are a couple of 5 year old twins. They live in a Malaysian village, called “Kampung Durian Runtuh” together with their elder sister, Kak Ros and their grandmother, Opah. Upin & Ipin study at Tadika Mesra, the village kindergarten, where they befriend a diverse bunch of classmates, the right-thinking Mei Mei, the firm but clumsy Ehsan, the easy-going sarcastic Fizi, the poetic Jarjit and the entrepreneurial Mail.

■ Upin & Ipin Synopsis

The story of Upin & Ipin revolves around their daily lives, where… well, to be honest, what they do most of the time is play! But that’s the great thing about being children, even just by living their lives normally, every day brings a new discovery. And that is what Upin & Ipin is all about. It is a story about living your life and enjoying the company of family and friends and everyone around you. It is a story packed with lessons and values, making this animation the perfect medium for the audience to learn and yet be entertained at the same time.

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